Posted by Andrew Hayward February 04, 2013

With Valentine's Day looming, 64 Colors x Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi have seen fit to unleash the new Love Yeti version of its Mini Marshall line, with the primarily pink and white vinyl figure measuring just over two inches in height.

"The mythical LOVE YETI (Mini Marshall) is believed to inhabit the great Himalayas," reads the post on Rotofugi's website. "If you ever do encounter one, approach with extreme caution and kindness in your heart as only... LOVE... can soothe this savage beast. No... actually... that’s not exactly true. It’s Marshall... a boy who ate so many marshmallows, he actually turned into one... True Story!"

Love Yeti Mini Marshall goes on sale tomorrow morning, February 5 at 11am (CT), at both Rotofugi's retail store in Chicago and, and is priced at $7.95 with an edition size of 750 units.


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