Posted by specialK February 15, 2013

A couple of weeks ago Clutter featured a custom QiQi created by German fashion designer/artist Laura Lorén. The Miss QiQi custom was dressed to the nines in a black gown, lace shawl and cute little purse. Now Laura has taken to customizing a 4" Munny figure named Missy Summer. Missy Summer shows off her epoxy sculpted curves in an adorable, sexy anthracite bathing suit while sporting her flower brooch, little golden earrings and lace headdress. She also has a little towel decorated with lace. This girl don't miss a beat; she's fashionable from head to toe. The Munny itself is basic, but that doesn't mean Missy Summer is not a detailed piece. I'm looking forward to seeing how Laura's customs progress and shape over time. Please check out Laura Lorén's website to see more of her designs and creations. 

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