Posted by Erica February 11, 2013

"GUNG HAY FAT CHOY Suck-Fans!" Yesterday marked year 4711, the Year of the Snake! If you are the type to celebrate this event in New York Chinatown, make sure to swing by the new SUCKADELIC pop-up store in the East Broadway Mall!

Suckadelic has set up shop with bargains and bunch of other random Suck-crack in middle of it all! Clutter will be launching the "Suckrealm 6000" print on Thursday Feb 14th online as well as in the pop up shop, and Wednesday will see the long awaited release of Black Hulk by The Sucklord and LAMOUR SUPREME.

Get Your ass down there. 88 East Broadway F Train to E. Bway.

If you can't make it Sunday, don't worry, they'll be open for the next 3 weeks. Click HERE to follow hours, updates and info on special events. 

"Don't fuck up and miss that! See you there! $$L"

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