Posted by specialK February 13, 2013

Canadian artist /designer Jono Doiron has created a one of a kind Troll doll who is loaded with tattoos and sports day-glo hair. Oddly enough this same description applies to quite a number of people I know. Jono's Tatty the Tattooed Troll stands 8.5" tall (including hair) and arrives in an original, one of a kind display box with a certificate of authenticity.  Also included in the package is an original 3.75" X 6" gouache painting of Tatty. Tatty sports all kinds of tattoos: traditional, tribal, Japanese & gangsta tear drops can be seen on this guy. My favorite Tatty tattoo is, of course, the butterfly Tramp Stamp. Tatty the Tattooed Troll retails for $350 and is available HERE on Jono Doiron's webshop. Check out Jono's website to see more of Jono's art and design. 


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