Posted by specialK March 21, 2013

Penny Rimbaud of the legendary Punk band Crass will be reading poetry at New York City's Boo-Hooray this Friday March 22nd, from 7-9 PM. This reading is part of a closing party Boo-Hooray is having for Penny's exhibit Penny Rimbaud: 62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting, which opened on March 13th. The drawings were created by Rimbaud in 2002 in a sketchbook he took everywhere with him, becoming his "dialogue with self and others." In the 1970s, Rimbaud stopped painting & drawing & began to focus on word, so this will probably be the only opportunity to buy original art created by him. The drawings retail for $650 and come with a signed copy of the Exitstencil Press book. Limited to 300, the book features all of the 62 drawings & can be purchased separately for $95. All sales will go towards securing a future for Dial House "the center for the radical arts", as a Charitable Trust. Dial House or The Crass House is an open house & the base of many artistic, cultural & political projects. Established in the late 60s by Rimbaud, the house has been home to him & Crass for over 40 years. Crass was such an important band and they certainly brought to light civil & political issues that many young punks were not even aware of. Penny Rimbaud & Crass hooked young punks in with their music & made us think with their lyrics. 

"I'd like to think that in fifty years time, or even one hundred years time, that people will still be able to sit around the kitchen table engaged in the progressive, created dialogue for which Dial House is renowned, or using the facilities offered by the house to help make those dialogues into an active reality. In mounting this show, and seeking through it to raise the monies to ensure the future of Dial House, I realize that the 'life' of the book might yet be far greater than its humble beginnings might ever have suggested - the alchemical infusion of my dreams." 

Space is limited for this event, so you must reserve your spot! You can RSVP here and secure a place at the reading and closing party. The drawings featured in the exhibit as well as the Exitstencil Press book can be purchased online in Boo-Hooray's web-shop! Penny Rimbaud: 62 Renaissance Drawings & One Painting is currently showing at Boo-Hooray in New York City. 

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