Posted by Erica March 21, 2013

Clutter has teamed up with Foldable.Me to give readers a chance to win their very own Foldable creation!! The Foldable.Me website allows you to create a customized cardboard toy by selecting facial features, glasses, clothing and much more! You can make a Foldable of yourself, your friends, or one for each of your family members. No need for scissors or glue, just a few folds and your Foldable will stand at just over 8cm tall.

How to enter the Giveaway: 

1) Go to Foldable.Me and create your Foldable.

2) Once you have completed your Foldable click the "Share" Button

3) Name your Foldable and share it via twitter using the hashtag #ClutterMag

The Clutter x Foldable.Me Giveaway will begin on Monday March 18th. Two lucky winners will be chosen on Friday March 22nd.

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