Posted by specialK March 25, 2013

Lots of exciting things will be happening at ToyCon UK this year including the release of the first installments of the Creo Design x dust Black & White Series. Designed by dust and produced by Creo Design, RAS2013 + medic and AlterEGO-ghost are set to make their debut at Creo Design's booth at ToyCon UK. The RAS2013 + medic set (shown above & directly below) stands 7.5 CM & 1.5 CM and retails for â‚¬ 46 (approx $60). AlterEGO - ghost also stands at 7.5 CM and retails for â‚¬ 41 (approx $53). All of these resin figures will be available at Creo Design's booth at ToyCon UK! 


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