Posted by Zombiekel March 17, 2013 has teamed up with Scottish Sculpting genius Lisa Rae Hansen to bring us MegaSeth for ToyCon UK.


MegaSeth was first seen back in April 2012 as part of the Heavy Metal Qee project where Lisa had sculpted MegaSeth as part of her Qee custom 'Iron Maiden plus special guest MegaSeth'



Now, 20 lucky people can own a 4” Resin MegaSeth in one of two individually handpainted colourways (Snake & Spade), both being available at the sold out event – ToyCon UK on April 6th in London.

One colourway being available at the booth and the other available at Lisa's 'I Break Toys' booth.




There are also 2 chase versions in each colourway.

MegaSeth come in a presentation box along with special MegaSeth Rock Memorabilia, Gig Ticket, Mini Print, Plectrums & Badges.



Megaseth will retail for £50 and can only be purchased at the 2 respective booths at ToyCon UK.

Any still available after ToyCon UK will be available at and/or


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