Posted by specialK March 15, 2013

April 1st will see the release custom painted Hobart (Da Shaka Monsta) resin toy. Originally introduced at SDCC, Hobie was designed by The Department of Awesomeness' Justin "Scrappers" Morrison and sculpted by Naoya of Gargamel. Scrappeprs says that he and Naoya have been collaborating on this project for a while and he's "never held a resin cast figure that is this professionally made and full of joy. Naoya is a master!" Nice! Look for Hobart customs by artists Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoka Ikeda, Le Merde, Chanmen, Bwana Spoons, Koji Harmon, Brian Flynn, Naoya Ikeda and Scrappers himself! The April 1st release of this laid back surf monster will happen at The Department of Awesomness' website


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