Posted by specialK March 04, 2013

I found something on YouTube that has been haunting me for close to 24 hours now. The video features a crazed pink face nibbling on the finger of a woman. I mean, I know it's not alive or anything BUT the face smiles, and frowns and looks freaky as it munches on this finger! And it's eyes! Their fixed gaze keeps drawing me back for another look. Every time I watch it I hope that it will be my last view because the video has lost the ability to give me the creeps. Unfortunately, that is not the case and I find it more unsettling every time I watch it. I've decided to share this because I want everyone to see it and get a bit freaked out. The name of this video is YSTEVEK COMM and it was uploaded by a person who goes by the name Saxophones. Enjoy it! 



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