Posted by specialK March 29, 2013

David Nguyen and his uncle have made a prototype of the most awesome flash drive! It's called PapaBehr and he looks like a little warrior bear vinyl toy but he's much more versatile than that. This 3D printed, 2.5" x 2.1" x 2" warrior bear stores either 8GB or 16GB of your data in his little flash drive head. Plus PapaBehr's removable armor and weapons stay put with magnets and he has poseable arms! David says it took well over 200 hours to design PapaBehr in CAD and over 150 hours to grow the prototype in the 3D printer. I love it! This fantastic project is being funded through Kickstarter so go to PapaBehr's Kickstarter page donate & pick up some PapaBehr swag! Watch the video below to see how David created PapaBehr using a 3D printer. 

PapaBehr Demo from David Nguyen on Vimeo.


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