Posted by specialK March 04, 2013

Prober is the result of a graffiti experiment/collaboration by Patrick Wong & tattoo artist Ryan Tsutsumi. The two artists decided to paint a line down the middle of a black wall and each paint half a face without knowing what the other was going to paint until that day. The two artists then took the Prober character to a paste-up form with the intent on giving it more life & to make its presence known. Patrick's 7" custom Munny is the latest embodiment of the immortal being known as Prober, showing off it's 2 sets of soul swallowing eyes & Prober's powerful, mystical staff. 

"Prober is an immortal being that has intervened into human civilization since the dawn of time. It has sometimes created havoc upon the earth, but iit is known by oral tradition to be an entity of justice swallowing evil doers with it's black face with white holes."

Please check out the video & watch the painting session that brought Prober to life! It's an awesome, colorful mural and both halves of the face compliment each other perfectly. 


Split Characters from Patrick Wong on Vimeo.



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