Posted by specialK March 08, 2013

Balrogs were some evil sons of bitches. They were shrouded in fire & shadow and were like 25 ft tall! Being a fan of  Lord of the Rings, Skinner knows this & has created Ultrus Balrog - a mash-up of his Ultrus Bog & the evil that is known as the Balrog. Ultrus Balrog stands 10" tall and is the color of the flames that envelope them. Each of the Ultrus Balrogs carry the burden of the ring around its neck on a chain. Only 10 of these evil creatures exist, and they will be available at 12 noon on Monday, March 11th for $300. Packaged in a clear plastic bag with a special header, you can pick up Ultrus Balrog here on Skinner's website


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