Posted by Zombiekel March 30, 2013

UK Based Hang Gang announce another chunk of heavy weight exclusives for ToyCon UK

Hang Gang Exclusive Uamou's for ToyCon UK

These little beauties have been kept on ice for some time now as Hang Gang have been saving them for this very occasion! Hand painted by the kaiju legend Goto San in metallic purple with silver highlights, these stunning Uamou's (created by the amazing Ayako Takagi) will only be available at ToyCon UK. They are limited to just 12 pieces (3 full sets) and priced at £26 each or £95 per set (each figure comes with his own boo - the little ghost). These will be available from when the doors open at 10am and I can't imagine them hanging around for long! So you know where to head first if you want to add them to you're collection:)

Hang Gang Exclusive Kaiju Negora for ToyCon UK

The Kaiju Negora, is a rare breed indeed! These things are very rare. Usually they're only released stateside or in Japan but Hang Gang though it was time the UK was shown some love and a massive thanks to the Max Toy Co's main man, Mark Nagata, for making this happen. Cast in white vinyl both the Negora and tuna feature electric green and baby pink sprays and the Negora has deep pink sprays down his back and stunning gold eyes.

They are £40 each and will be available from the Hang Gang booth, in very limited numbers from 1pm! So be sharp if you don't want to miss out

Hang Gang have had a lot of e-mails regarding these, to make it fair they will only be available at the con (as with all the exclusives) any remaining pieces will be made available online at a later date.

Hang Gang x Super7 Exclusive for ToyCon UK

In a bit of a 'STOP THE PRESS' moment and not content with all the amazing exclusives they've already revealed, Hang Gang are honored and delighted to bring you not one, but two, mind blowing exclusives from the mighty, San Fran based Kaiju Kings, Super7.

After a little hiatus and some much deserved peaceful rest, the awesome Super7 Mascot, Mummy Boy, has risen again and in true style…

This eye popping golden idol is cast in shimmering pearlescent Japanese vinyl and features gold, silver and teal sprays. Not sure much more needs to be said about him, as he looks so damn good we'll let the pictures do the talking!

Continuing the colour theme of teal and pink that has run through a number of their exclusives, next up is everyone's favourite cannibal ice-cream sandwich, the loveable and super adorable, Foster!

He is cast in Teal vinyl with a hot pink filling and blue sprays, he looks so tasty how could you resist him?

Both these release are super limited and will be available from our Booth from 10am when the convention opens, so come an get them while they're hot! (strictly one per customer as with all the exclusives)

The Mummy Boy is priced at £45 and the Foster is £20.


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