Posted by specialK April 03, 2013

Bash of Bash Projects has sent us some photos of Satan's Spawn; a custom set he created for a private collector. The three Satanic Muttpop figures are part of a five piece "Muttpop showdown" of good vs. evil. The Red Demon is Satan's hipster son and the Tequila and King Katch figures are his guardians Hellbound (Tequila) and Native Guardian (King Katch). Hellbound & Native Guardian are sporting some awesome back pieces! 

The devil has one son. A hipster sort horned devil child with flashy clothes. Like a real hipster he is bored to death (pardon the pun) and is fed up with Hell. He decided to go to Earth to create his own "hell on earth". His father didn't like the idea of him going alone so he sent two of his best guardians with him to protect him: Hellbound and Native Guardian. They were both condemned to hell years ago and waited for the day that they were going back to raise Hell! Is there anyone who can stop these guys or are we all doomed? 

Are we all doomed? We'll soon find out because Bash promises that "things will get heavenly real soon!" Check out Bash Projects' website for more of Bash's awesome custom toys and designs! 


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