Posted by specialK April 17, 2013

Cometdebris is set to drop their latest figure, Ace Robo on April, 28th. Ace wants to help - he's there for you. He'll do your laundry, take out the trash, fix your car and watch the kids! That's a well rounded robot right there. Designed by Koji Harmon, Ace Robo is a 17.5 CM tall and cast in bright red glitter vinyl with moving arms and head. He comes unpainted and packaged with an original header card. This glitter-bot is set to make his debut at Super Festival 62 in Tokyo on April 28th! If you can't make it to Tokyo, Ace Robo will be available online the same day at 7:00 AM PDT (11:00 PM Japan TIme) for $60 on Cometdebris' website!


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