Posted by specialK April 30, 2013

A few weeks back David Nguyen and his uncle Tuy started a Kickstarter campaign to help get their awesome PapaBehr 3D printed toy / flashdrive off the ground. Now, after hitting their initial & first stretch goals, David & Tuy have made a second PapaBehr toy available to backers who pledged $100 or more to the original Heroic Edition! The second edition is the Destroyed PapaBehr who comes equipped with a detachable bionic eye, detachable breast plate (so you can see his inner circuitry), and hand cannon. Pretty cool! David & Tuy are on their way to their second stretch goal of 50k and the next PapaBehr edition: The Neo-Samurai Armour & Weapon Set! Their Kickstarter campaign is ending soon and they're close to their second stretch goal (and The Neo-Samurai Armour & Weapon Set) so head over HERE and back this fantastic project! 



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