Posted by Erica April 09, 2013

The group neo-kaiju and sofubi exhibition, Monsters from the Island, that took over the Clutter Gallery last month is coming to an end. Wednesday, April 10th, will be the last day to purchase any of the pieces from this beast of a show. 


Don't forget to pre-order your "Monsters from the Island" Exhibition Catalog for only $25

A full-color perfect bound softcover including detailed pictures of each piece within the "Monsters from the Island" group neo-kaiju and sofubi exhibition.

Also features large section of images from NagNagNag lottery.




BLObPUS, Blurble, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Brian Flynn, Buff Monster, Bwana Spoons,Dski One, Few Many, FigLab, Goccodo, Guumon, Healeymade, Ilanena, Josh Herbolsheimer, Konatsu, L'amour Supreme, Leecifer, Mark Nagata, Mechavirus,Monsterarm, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Shigeru / NagNagNag, PaulKaiju, Rampage Toys, Splurrt, Star Case, Toys are Sanity, Uamou and Velocitron.

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