Posted by specialK April 18, 2013

Super7 has a new Mummy Boy dropping April, 18th at noon PST. Buried Treasure Mummy Boy looks as cute & crazy as ever in his vinyl translucent orange body with suspended aluminum flake, metallic gold and charcoal sprays. Super7 says that Mummy Boy "lost his arm and his mind long ago" but I see he held on to that pirate booty! Buried Treasure Mummy Boy retails for $50 and will be available in Super7's webshop today at 12PM PST. 

Frederick the Beetle has been getting close to nature as of late and he'll emerge from the forest and into Super7's webshop on April 25th. Friend of the Forest Frederick is cast in brown vinyl with metallic green, gold, black and yellow colorsprays. He will be available for $35 in Super7's webshop on Thursday, April 25th 12PM PST! 


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