Posted by specialK April 08, 2013

Eric Scarecrow had a busy weekend, dropping three new figures in the ESC Shop. Saturday ,April 6 saw the release of the super limited S.Maria Vio, Turtum Micci Corona and Chap-Lynn Electric Cotton Candy resin figures. The S. Maria Vito figure is reminiscent of spring with light shades of lavender and teal. Limited to 1 of 1, this 6" hand painted resin figure is no longer available. Another 1 of 1 figure is the bright orange and yellow Turtum Micci Corona. This 3.25" hand painted resin figure comes signed and numbered in a protective box. Retailing for $150, Turtum Micci Corona is still available in the ESC Shop! My favorite of the new figures, Chap-Lynn Electric Cotton Candy is limited to 12 pieces and she is still available! This fantastic 7" clear resin figure is hand painted and comes signed and numbered in a protective box. Retailing for just $150, Chap-Lynn Electric Cotton Candy will be gone soon! All figures can be seen in Eric Scarecrow's ESC Shop


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