Posted by Vapdee April 03, 2013

This March saw a ton of activity at the Super Sucklord's Pop Up Shop in New York City's historic Chinatown.  With Mary Papers now managing the store, there were regular toy and art drops each and every week. This didn't go unnoticed, social media was exploding and the fans on (The Unofficial Suckadelic Fan Site) were getting amped. 

The month first saw the release of Suckadelic Dead Molds that were bagged and sold with custom header cards. The $$L also dug out a few items from the archive including one figure that had never before been released, the Lady Icicle which was released in an edition of four carded figures.  And for the fans of the bootlegged Kidrobot Dunny, there was a special Dumny release which paid homage to the Year of the Snake.

The limited edition toy drops of March began with artist Cosbe, collaborating with the Super Sucklord, to release his first toy, The Craniosacral.  This figure was designed, sculpted and hand-made from scratch by the Super Sucklord, then painted by Cosbe and bagged up. Fans were treated with custom header cards done in the sticker art styling of his graffiti persona Kosby

Keep an eye on social media @Cosbe1 to keep up with this prolific artist, and to both read and see more of his work check out his blog.

Mid-month saw the overflow of Burt Banger's Toy-let Action Figure Collection, pieces taken from the deepest annals of his toy archives and then re-packaged to be properly displayed in the Pop Up Shop.   Some say it was for the Go-Bots, others say it was due to a rare carded Ming Action Figure, but we will never know for sure what caused famous director Brett Ratner to swing through the Suck Store; maybe he was toy hunting for a Hong Kong Phooey figure?  

To see what character the Performance Artist Burt Banger might be in today, keep an eye on his blog and social media outlets by following @burtbanger.

And last but certainly not least was the highly anticipated release of the ‘Sexy Ronald’ figure that the Super Sucklord and Wizard Skull collaborated on.   This figure was available in very limited numbers, both in the Single Cheese Burger or Double Cheese Burger editions, the latter of which will soon be sold on the Super Sucklord’s websiteWizard Skull is making moves, not the one’s we are accustomed to when seeing him glide along on a skateboard popping Ollies like Rodney Mullen, but with art like his recent Breast Friends and his newest zine NSFW I think we will be seeing more of him very soon and very often.

And in recent news, the Super Sucklord has announced that the Pop Up Shop will be open for the month of April, follow the Super Sucklord on Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date with all things Suckadelic

For any questions, please email   

For your beer drinking pleasure please support the official sponsor of Suckadelic, Bear Lao.

And, to ease the mind, take a listen to the musical stylings of The Crystal Pharoah.

The Suck Shop

88 East Broadway, NYC

Located inside the in the East Broadway Mall


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