Posted by specialK April 12, 2013

Super7 is keeping it cute with their newest Foster and Milton figures. Foster looks as yummy as ever in his Reverse Mint edition, featuring a sweet chocolate filling sandwiched between two mint cookies. Cast in teal green Japanese vinyl with brown sprays, Reverse Mint Foster stands 3" tall and is available for $25 in Super7's webshop. 

Another short and sweet Kandy Kaiju confection is Midnight Snack Glow-in-the-Dark Milton - "Everyone's favorite living, walking, melting and glowing Ice Cream Cone". I don't think Milton has much competition in the living, walking, melting, and glowing ice cream cone division but we love him just the same! Just like Foster, GID Milton was designed by Brian Flynn and stands 3" tall. Milton is available now for $25 in Super7's web shop

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