Posted by Erica April 25, 2013

Toy Mafia (\ˈtȯi mä-fē-ə\) Noun. An organized international body of designer toy collectors, originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events take place monthly and are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying. 

The first Toy Mafia Event, this Saturday (4/27/13) at Concrete NYC, will feature a handful of totally rad releases that people have been dying to know about!! So without further adieu, we are very excited to be releasing details on the "Semi Korosiya" (Cicada Killer) by Cop a Squat Toys!!

Designed by Adam Saul of Cop A Squat Toys and sculpted by Chauskoskis, "Semi Korosiya" (Cicada Killer) is an 8-inch tall figure cast in transparent sofubi with blue and red accent sprays. 


This Toy Mafia edition, limited to only 8 copies worldwide, has a cicada cast in red resin for a heart and comes with a silk screened header card.

The Toy Mafia Exclusive "Semi Korosiya" (Cicada Killer) will be sold for $100.00 a piece at the event. 

If there are remaining pieces, they will be available in the Clutter Web Store on Monday, April 29th. 


This exclusive run of Doji Sans is limited just 21 copies! This piece will not be available for long.

Each Doji San is cast in baby blue and bubblegum pink sofubi, stands at 4.25 inches tall by 3 inches wide, and comes painted with a heavy gloss of metallic and regular Monster Kolor paints. Comes with both cyclops and demon masks.

The Toy Mafia Exclusive Doji San will be sold for $100.00 a piece at the event.

If there are remaining pieces, they will be available in the Clutter Web Store on Monday, April 29th.


The Toy Mafia Event will begin at 8pm on Saturday April 27th at Concrete NYC.

Be there or be square.


320 West 37th St.

BTW 8th and 9th

New York


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