Posted by Erica May 07, 2013


Clutter has partnered up with Dynamite Rex to hold a design contest revolving around their brand new and highly anticipated "Raaar!" platform, which portrays an adorable t-rex dinosaur!

Using the blank turnaround template (which you can download here), design a Dynamite Rex "Raaar!" vinyl figure. Be as creative as you want, but the winner must be able to replicate their design as a custom painted vinyl figure. We will select a winning design based on its originality and creative use of the platform's shape.

One (or more) winners will be selected by a panel of judges, including the Clutter and Dynamite Rex staff members. Winners will be sent a free blank 6-inch tall "Raaar!" vinyl figure to customize using your winning design. This piece will then be mailed by the artist to The Clutter Gallery for inclusion in their custom Dynamite Rex “Raaar!” show opening on August 10th.

Participating artists include Ardabus Rubber, ArtmyMind, Bashprojects, Betso, Charles Rodriguez, Chuckboy, coolvader, Cucaracha Borracha, FullerDesigns, Haus of Boz, Ian Ziobrowski, Igor Ventura, Jason Limon, JC Rivera, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, Kevin Gosselin, Kong Andri, Laura Lorén, Lunabee, MAp-MAp, Nerviswr3k, Nikejerk, Otto Björnik, PodgyPanda, Rsinart, RunDMB, Sekure D, Sergio Mancini, 64 Colors, Stuart Witter, Task One, UNCLE and possibly...  YOU! 

Closing date for design entries is June 1st, 2013. A winner will be selected within two weeks of closing date and be mailed the blank "Raaar!" figure.

Click here to read the Clutter x Dynamite Rex "Raaar!" Design Contest's Terms and Conditions and FAQ's. 

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