Posted by specialK May 16, 2013

DonP is all set for BeeFy & Co.'s Ghost Tribe Warrior custom show for San Diego Comic Con! SDCC wil be here before you know it. Where did the time go? Anyway, DonP's Ghost Tribe Warrior custom is a Mongolian Ape Warlord known as Donius Apius. The sculpt on this custom is nothing short of amazing as DonP made sure that every bump, wrinkle & line on Donius' cigar chomping ape face looked authentic. Lets not forget the armor that our Mongolian Ape is wearing! DonP did a fantastic job on that as well. The name of BeeFy's Ghost Tribe Warrior custom show is The Ghost Within Us & by the looks of this piece it is sure to be a great one! Visit DonP's website to see more of his amazing customs! 


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