Posted by Erica May 02, 2013

"As I start to wrap up this print series, I felt that a dedicated visual artist was missing from the bunch. A painter in particular. I know there's many forms of art but for myself painting is the most interesting, most historic and one of the things I love to do. There is something primal about it, something ancient. Painting alone in the quiet late hours with the wonderful sound of a distant coyote or train is one of the best things to experience. It's magic and the cave painters long ago felt it just like we still do. So this piece is somewhat of a self portrait, but more of an ode to the artist." - says Soto

This is a timed edition and will be available for one day only! The print will be available starting May 2nd at noon PST and will be available for 24 hours. If you order one during this time, you are guaranteed to receive one. $1 from every order goes to and will plant one tree! Available starting on May 2nd at noon PST. $25 + shipping, will only be available at: This 6" x 6" UV print on sustainable FSC certified 3/4" plywood. Comes signed and numbered and ready to hang. This is the 15th print in the series. 


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