Posted by specialK May 07, 2013

Josh Mayhem shared some photos of  the X105 Strike Gunny, a commissioned Dunny he created for a private collector. The base for this custom is actually a 3" Huck Gee Post Apocalypse Mecha Dunny. Josh says " I actually earned this commission a little while before the Post Apocalypse Dunnys came out. Once they did I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the Mechas to customize as they are absolutely perfect for my aesthetic of customizing. Since the collector is a huge fan of Mechas in general & he's been so patient, I decided to upgrade him to one of these bad boys." Josh says he loves the way the X105 Strike Gunny came out  & he can't wait to customize more Mechas! Josh Mayhem is currently taking on commission work. Contact him through his website or facebook for details! 


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