Posted by specialK May 15, 2013

Mechanized Mad Men is the name of Mikie Graham's custom Android blind box series. Mikie picked 7 of his favorite artists and innovators from all over the world for this blind box series, with hope of bringing their inspiring stories to a wider audience. Innovators like Don Quixote, Andy Warhol, Leonardo DaVinci, H.P. Lovecraft, Nikola Tesla, Emperor Norton, and Klaus Nomi are all represented in the Mechanized Mad Men series, each one a customized Playmobile figure with its own custom 3" Android. Each MMM figure comes packaged inside of a custom box with its own wooden display base & a mini print telling the character's personal story. Retailing for $100 each (shipping included), these interesting & highly detailed customs will be available exclusively through on May 15th at 12PM PST. 


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