Posted by specialK May 13, 2013

After a bit of a break Shadoe Delgado is back with this new 18" Mega Munny he created for the Oakland Museum of California's We Customize exhibit. The exhibit features the different ways people customize or alter everyday objects. Shadoe took 3 weeks to sculpt the Mega Munny and proceeded to add the antlers & paint in 3 days. This piece was Shadoe's first completed Mega Munny and he says he "had a blast" working on it. He enjoyed it so much he has plans to go even bigger. Sounds good to us because we'd love to see more Megas from Shadoe! Anyway, this Mega Munny will be available for $1000 in Shadoe's webshop after the We Customize show closes on June 2nd. Shadoe promises to get back into commission work around June 21st. His list of commission work is growing quickly so if you'd like Shadoe to customize a piece especially for you contact him HERE now! 


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