Posted by specialK June 04, 2013

Alastair of the Dominators is the name of Patrick Wong's 7" custom Dude he created for Dream in Plastic's upcoming custom show. Alastair is a hockey stick- weilding member of the Dominators, a gang who defends their turf while decked out in orange monkey jackets, brown hats & sneakers. For this particular custom Patrick drew inspiration from Sol Yurick's 1965 novel The Warriors (later made into a film of the same name). Patrick modified this custom by cutting the eyes. "I began cutting the eyes out of my recent pieces to emphasize the emptiness inside the rotocast figures. I paint the inside black and when you're in front of them you lean in when you notice that the interior space is visible - its like a black hole." Alastair of the Dominators will be just one of the awesome customs on display at Dream in Plastic this Saturday. Dream in Plastic is located on 177 Main Street in Beacon New York. 


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