Posted by Erica June 12, 2013

Last Saturday The Clutter Gallery opened it's doors to reveal Ron English's "Thought Factory", a solo exhibition featuring English's never-before-displayed utilitarian toy drawings and turnarounds.

Remaining works from the show are now available for purchase online. 

"Thought Factory" is a peek into the inner workings of English's process, containing original sketches, drawings, and paintings made for large scale designer toy releases.


These works are the blue prints of some of the most iconic and sought after art toys of our time, marking this exhibition as one of great historical importance. The original sketches and concept drawings featured in the "Thought Factory" Exhibition contained some of Ron's most recognizable characters and works including his Cartoon Guernica, Cap'n Cornstarch, the Temper Tot, and Charlie Brown Grin.

  The evening also featured the debut of several Ron English resin edition releases. The Thought Factory resin collection featured Ron English's iconic Heart Skull, Doh'Boy, Heart Brain and Little Bigfoot.

Also available is the limited edition "Little Bigfoot" screen print. inspired by Bigfoot sightings around the woods of Beacon, Cold Spring and the Hudson Valley, this print proclaims the existence of Beacon's own Bigfoot! 


- Limited to an edition of 250 copies

- 18" x 24"

- Signed and numbered by Ron English

Don't forget to order your "Thought Factory" Exhibition Catalog, a full-color perfect bound softcover including pictures of each piece within the "Thought Factory" exhibition as well as many others. 

"Thought Factory"

Exhibition Catalog 

Now Available ! 



Thought Factory pieces will remain on display in the gallery space until July 6th, 2013 and will be available online until Monday, July 15th.

Please note: Items from this show will beginning shipping the week after close of show (July 6th, 2013)


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