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Clutter's Toy Mafia event in June features a line-up that will have designer toy collectors drooling with pieces by Butcher Brand, Bombermat Toys, Monster Island, Nama Niku, and Tru:Tek!

Remaining pieces, if any, will be available in Clutter's web store on Monday, June 24th, 2013!


Bombermat Toys's Cthulhu Warrior

Bombermat Toys, creator of the infamous Shit Wars line, has graced us with an exclusive edition of 10 "Cthulhu Warrior" figures.

Hand-cast in resin and hand-painted by the artist, each of these H.P. Lovecraft inspired gems features a depiction of The Great Cthulhu with a very Conan the Barbarian style body! These figures come bubble packed on a single-sided thick cardboard backer card, which is signed and numbered on the reverse side.

You even get a Bombermat Toys sticker along with your figure!

Butcher Brand's Megara Exclusive!

Megara, the kaiju turtle beast cast in Japanese vinyl, is a 3.5" tall figure designed by Butcher Brand. As an exclusive for Toy Mafia, Butcher Brand himself has specially painted a micro edition of only five figures! Using gorgeous green and prominant purple sprays over the black vinyl, the tiny detailed eyes really make these pieces stand out strong!

And while not exclusive to Toy Mafia, we will also have a small handful of Megara pieces hand-painted by Velocitron on specially cast pink sofubi!

Monster Island's Mighty Joe Young "JUNIOR"!

JUNIOR, a mini version of the barbarous beast Mighty Joe Young, makes an appearence at Clutter's Toy Mafia Event! Inspired by the classic Ray Harryhausen stop motion animation, this resin cast creation is small enough to fit in your pocket with a personality big enough to scare your kids! 

Limited to 7 pieces cast in smokey black resin, a select few feature a color-fade from the feet up. Each gorilla comes with a unique colorway of the micro hostage and is packaged with a vintange inspired header card.

Tru:Tek & Friends bring the H.U.S.T.L.E. to Toy Mafia!

We're proud to have the debut release of the Madball of Death, the newest collaboration between The Amazing Zectron & Tru:Tek with header card artwork by Zectron and the legendary Ralph Niese! These bouncy polyurethane rubber cast pieces split into two halves (joined by neo-magnets) to reveal a tentacled parasite inside! Limited to only 11 copies worldwide: 5 in black w/pink parasite, 5 in pink w/black parasite, and only 1 chase done in mixed parts with marbled insert!

An exclusive run of five Masters of the Universe-inspired Kesh-E-Face figures by The Disarticulators, cast in black keshi-style polyurethane rubber each with a pink head. The heads are held in place by a neo-magnet, making them not only detachable but able to rotate, allowing you to show off any of the figure's three different face designs (a la Man-E-Face)! And each figure comes carded on an exclusive ToyMafia backer design from the Disrticulators' Tru:Tek.

And last, but not least, are the H.U.S.T.L.E. 'Old vs. New' ToyMafia 2-Packs! Limited to only 5 sets, each one features the fan favourite Mekamess (designed by Nama Niku) from Wave 1 coupled with the upcoming Wave 2 figure Kamen Fighter (designed by BigManToys)! All the figures are cast in a random assortment of pink, black, and marbled, so that no two sets are alike! Each comes packed in an authentic gacha capsule with a Disarticulator button and insert.

Nama Niku's Top Rope Toy Mafia Exclusive


Designed by Nama Niku and cast by Eric Nilla, these Namakeshi flexible rubber figures are part of the NNWA… the Nama Niku Wrestling Alliance! Named "Top Rope," this 1.5" tall figure is being made available for quite possibly the last time. This kit-bashed M.U.S.C.L.E figure features an originally sculpted wrestling ring torso that has real ropes threaded through it. And each one comes with micro-sized versions of the Mud Man and The Claw figures as well as a funky vintage Kinnikuman wrestling scene card!

Limited to only 16 pieces, each one is cast in a completely unique color exclusive to this Toy Mafia event!

And It woudnt be a party without Clutter's favorite DJ Duo BAAM BADA! BAAM BADA's seasoned lyricists Decora and Freeflowin will be spinning the night away with their experimental fusion of Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music. The Event will take place this Saturday, June 22nd at Concrete NYC! Party starts at 8pm!

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