Posted by Trustpigs July 09, 2013

For all you Super7 collectors out there that can't make it to San Diego Comic-Con this year, you just might need to find yourself a mule for the weekend… As the premiere Japanese vinyl brand has a total of 15 exclusive releases for the convention and none of them will be available from before or after the event!

(Pictured Above, Top Left to Bottom Right) Joshua Herbolsheimer's new 4-inch tall "Caveman Dinosaur" gets its debut painted "Prehistoric Punch" colorway that'll be only $35 apiece. The Zagaturd, a mash-up of Le Merde's Le Turd and Gargamel's Zagarad, which will also be only $35 each in this "Super Misty Bros." version. And the long awaited debut of Brian Flynn's "Crystal Mecha" 9-inch tall vintage inspired monster is upon us, as he's unleashed in this "First Strike" combination for $95 each. Plus, of course, the "Crystal Mecha" needs an opponent to smash the streets with, thus a new "Raids Again" painted version of Herbolsheimer's 9-inch tall "Fossilla" figure for $95 apiece!

(Pictured Above, Top Left to Bottom Right) Invisible Creature's devilish dinosaur "Leroy C" returns in this "Pink Passion" edition as does Flynn's "Doku Duo" with an "Orange Fizz" version, both standing 4-inches tall and costing $35 apiece. Then Flynn's new "Monoghost" evolution of his "Visighost" makes its first public offering in this "Underworld" edition for $65 each. And the Secret Base collaboration "Zombie Fighter" in a "Mixed Up Massacre" version for $65 apiece.


(Pictured Above, Top Left to Bottom Right) Flynn's "Little Prick (Late Night)" and Leecifer's "Honoo (Nightfire)," both 4-inches tall, will be $35 apiece. Then the 6-inch tall "Mummy Gator" returns after a delayed absence with the glow-in-the-dark "Creamy Filling" version for $50 each. And the "Pocket Rose Vampire" by Herbolsheimer returns in this "Tangerine Terror" edition for only $25 apiece!


(Pictured Above, Top Left to Bottom Right) The iconic Super7 mascot pays homage to San Diego's own Padres in these "Pocket Baseball Boy" versions in both classic and modern uniform styles, either one for only $25 apiece! There will also be the delicious "Foster" figure in "Glitter Grape" purple vinyl for $25 as well as the brand new 1.5-inch tall "Micro Mummy Boy" and "Micro Rose Vampire" blind bagged two-packs for only $20!

And remember, all of the above is available Exclusively at San Diego Comic Con Booth #5245!



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