Posted by Trustpigs July 24, 2013

The superbly talented duo of ArtmyMind have recently relocated and faced a variety of problems, culminating — most recently — with their computer dying. In order to help pass through this unfortunate time, the artists have decided to auction off one of their most prized customs: the one-of-a-kind 4-inch Munny named "Akai Ikari." A finely hand-crafted piece in a tailored suit, this highly desirable addition to any art toy collection is currently being big upon through ArtmyMind's Instagram feed at the following link:

You simply place your bid by commenting on the image, stating the price you are willing to pay (as long as it is greater than the previous ones). If anyone is unable or uncomfortable to bid in this manner, you can place bids by e-mailing artmymind [at] gmail [dot] com directly.

The bidding has already begun and the auction will close on Jully 25th, 2013 at 10pm GMT.

To additionally support the duo, they have added new colorways of their "Hellhound" and "Scavenger" resin figures available in their online shop. Available at discounted prices for only a week, both the "Hellhound (Ruby Edition)" and "Hellhound (Aqua Edition)" are $30 apiece while the "Scavenger (Jade and Orchid Set)" is a mere $17 for the pair.


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