Posted by Trustpigs July 23, 2013

Bryan Cranston, the lead actor on AMC's Breaking Bad, must've had a decent laugh during San Diego Comic-Con. The actor of the popular television program attended the convention dressed as his alterego from show, Heisenberg (aka Walter White), in normal civilian attire and a Halloween mask for the character. Craston, in his costume, was able to stroll about SDCC without anyone being any the wiser until he arrived at the Breaking Bad panel on Sunday and removed the mask while onstage.

What started out as a fun lark for the actor did take a slightly weird turn, though, when he began french kissing the mask during the panel. Followed by actor Paul Aaron, who plays Heisenberg's partner-in-crime on the show, doing the same. But, no doubt, this surreal series of events were met by gasps of awe and bouts of laughter from the audience.

Information courtesy of Business Insider. Images courtesy of @karsonwithak / TwitterKevin Winter / Getty Images, and @BreakingBad_AMC / Twitter.


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