Posted by Trustpigs July 03, 2013

Spotted in the Instagram feed of progressive house and electronica music producer deadmau5, these pictures reveal the cool collection of toys that this worldwide sensation enjoys in his living room. Aside from the obvious 5-foot "Kid Dragon" by Sam Flores x The Loyal Subjects and the massive "Benny the Dreamer" by okedoki x VTSS Toys, there are a bevy of toys the likes of which you'd expect: a deadmau5 piece, a 1:6 scale Assassin's Creed figure, and even a Minecraft: Creeper as designed by Jeremy "MAD" Madl. But then you might start to notice the other things… the 20" Dunny, the Labbit, a Munny, a Trikky, and even a threeA released Martin! And heck, he even has one of those ultra rare. so-called 'Pervy' Woody recalls from Toy Story!

Spot any other notables? Write them in the comments below…



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    Well obviously not like that crap one i took on my phone of my desk….. but truly we need Photos of your toy collections. If you have a particularly amazing collection and want to share it with the world, or have a very rare example of something amazing please send in your photographs.
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