Posted by Miranda July 16, 2013

Leecifer has teamed up with Dragatomi for SDCC to release this awesome blue vinyl Picklebaby. Limited to 20 pieces (signed and numbered) they will retail for $60 and come packaged with an awesome headercard, designed by Leecifer. These will sell out fast, so you need to run to booth #5350 to get your copy!



Some questions with mr Leecifer himself:

Pickle Baby origin?: Think I mentioned this, but he’s an alien that crashed into an abandoned cucumber field where the deceased farmer was buried w/ his last crop. So nearly vaporized he fashioned a body from the farmers remains and the freakishly giant pickles readily at hand. If you look closely you can still see some of his alien DNA present in his right leg.

An alien? Is he friendly?: Oh hell yeah. Look at him. He’s ready to hug out any issue. 300 gazillion lights yrs for a hug baby!!! That anal probe crack I made is only for the haters (Cartman style) and the willing, hehehe.
How long has PickleBaby been around?: Oh man, seems like forever. I did phallic shaped alien heads in college, but in 3-d form 3-4 yrs I think? Basically 1-off customs. I finally got off my ass and had a show at Dragatomi where they where all cast in resin. He’s being released in vinyl now.
Vinyl!!! That rocks!!! Colors?: Well the first is a dark blue unpainted vinyl in honor of Dragatomi. The first drop will be at SDCC this yr (2013) booth 5350. I’ll probably have some custom 1-off’s and perhaps some AP’s of the next color or two w/ me for my signings and when I’m just wandering around w/ my backpack full of surprises.
SDCC signings?: Yea first w/ my buddy Alex/Drilone. At Dragatomi again booth #5350 from 3-4pm on Thursday.
And the W/ Scott Tolleson in support of our Candy Apple DeadBeet drop  1-2pm Friday booth #5139. First few folks to that signing and those that buy the CADB will get a free mini-print signed by Scott and I.
Ok back to the PickleBaby: Did you sculpt it? Yeah. Probably shouldn’t have as being friends w/ folks like George Gaspar and Walter Jacott Chauskoskis, I know faaaaar more competent sculptor dudes than I. But it was a labor of love and a whole lot of fun.  And if you’re gonna’ invest that kinda cash for Japanese Vinyl you better LOVE IT!!!
So this was self financed?: Yup me and Michele (my wife) and other half of “Leecifer” as I like to say.  
Pricey?: Oh god yeah. But like Brian Flynn of Super7 explained to me you can’t expect to recoup your investment in the first couple of runs. You’re actually selling these things at a steep loss initially. The first couple runs of the PickleBaby will probably have cost me over a $100 bucks a piece!
Signed and numbered on the header card?: Yea I got that idea from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, the fine folks at Stranger Factory. Super smart to leave the figure blank. Contrary to popular belief I LOVE blank vinyl, but people are more than welcome to take these home and paint ‘em if they want. Toy fascists suck!
You did the header art?: Oh yeah, one of the best/fun parts in the whole process.
Does the header card really say “Don’t stick it in your butt!?!”: Hahaha, well that’s sorta outta’ context, but yea it does. It also says “Choking Hazard”, “Not for person’s under 18yrs of age” (didn’t want to make an “anal” reference and then say 14ys!!!) “Collector’s item only” etc. It really pisses me off that we have to have that shit on there!!! I mean pay attention to your fucking kids already. Don’t make the rest of the world responsible for YOUR kid!!! Janet Jackson shows one floppy titty on broadcast TV and now my video games, radio, movies and TV have to be censored!?! WTF!?!?! Same thing here. I’m an adult (ok mabbe’ not so in maturity or intellect, but chronologically) for the most part selling a product to other consenting adults and we have to worry about what everybody else does in the privacy of their own home? What kind of rightwing conservative religious prejudiced crap is this!?! FUCK prop 8!! Wait, what… yeah, so don’t like, stick it in your butt (I don’t really care). Give a PickleBaby a warm home!


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