Posted by Trustpigs July 18, 2013

Monster Worship will have a veritable treasure trove of Japanese vinyl creatures available at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, but all in exceedingly small numbers. To curtail any problems they might face due to the limited quantities, Monster Worship will be selling pieces by lottery; starting today (Thursday, July 18th) you can pick up your single lottery ticket from Dragatomi's Booth #5350 and then tomorrow (Friday, July 19th) from 2-4PM you can return to the Booth and, if your number is called, pick only one item from the Monster Worship arrangement to buy. While I'm sure this will lead to many disappointed fans, it does seem the most fair arrangement you could ask for. So what will be present…?

The Black Heksen figure, a collaboration between Monster Worship and Dwid Hellion, will be released in glow-in-the-dark vinyl with grey, red, and black paint accents. Standing approx. 7" tall with eight points of articulation, these $70 figures with, of course, include the standard dagger & staff accessories of the piece. An extremely limited number of unpainted glow-in-the-dark versions might also be present.

Cannibal Fuckface and Rottweiler Herpes, both based on Johnny Ryan designs, will be issued in a bastardized version of the classic Hawaiian colorway: cast in pink vinyl with metallic purple, red, yellow, and silver paint accents. Cannibal Fuckface stands 7.5" tall with four points of articulation and includes the slorge hand accessory. Rottweiler Herpes stands 8" tall with three points of articulation. Each figures costs $85 apiece.

The brand new Jeff Lamm designed Mecha Greasebat will be unleashed in its first painted colorway! Standing 9" tall with 8 points of articulation, these figures include switchable right fists (non-firing rocket and spikeball). At $95 each, these are sure to fly away quickly!

The 4" tall Kusogon, designed by beaK, will have an exclusive colorway release as well, though it is unknown at this time what form the figure with two points of articulation will exactly take. Price to be determined as well.

The brand new figure, Priest, will also make its debut! Standing 7.5" tall with five points of articulation, little else is known about the super secret and special release at this time. Not even the artist who designed it has been announced yet! The price will be $85 apiece.

Monster Worship have also teamed up with Cop A Squat Toys to release an exclusive colorway of the Semi Korosiya (Cicada Killer) figure! And, of course, there will be a variety of one-offs and other miscellaneous goodies present!


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