Posted by Erica July 10, 2013

You can say Rest in Peace to your diet with this sweet new Mr. GUGU and Miss GO collection! Browsing through this collection made me feel like a kid in a candy store... literally... i was drooling. Gummy Bear Leggings?! Cupcake Swimsuit?! Can i get a hell yea!! This collection is the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth!

"Our goal is to have the Gugu style everywhere. Why shouldn’t all global citizens enjoy our products? Our mission is to prove that we can develop a small European brand and bring it to a worldwide level without sacrificing our creative ideals." â€“ Jakub Chmielniak, Founder, Mr. GUGU & Miss GO


Head over to the Mr. GUGU and Miss GO webstore to sweeten up your wardrobe today! 

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