Posted by Erica August 14, 2013
August Cavey Releases!

Meet Holly Stanway's super sweet Cavey breeds for August! Watermelon Cavey is her first Cavey to feature a different coloured back to his front, and handpainted details all over! Watermelon Cavey is made from red fleece with handpainted seeds, and a green fleece back with handpainted lines. Watermelon  Cavey is limited to 50 numbered pieces, comes with a purple enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey Cube and is £16.

And you may remember her plush Strawberry Cavey (a super rare edition of only 2 pieces!) from 2010, we love the design so much we had to reprise it for a vinyl version. Strawberry Vinyl Cavey is individually handpainted with a strawberry stalk atop his head. Each is signed and numbered on the base and come with a special header card just for him! Strawberry Vinyl Cavey is limited to 20 pieces and is £15.

Watermelon Cavey and Strawberry Vinyl Cavey will go on sale in the Cavey shop on Wednesday August 14th at 8pm London time (15:00 EDT, 12:00 PDT).


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