Posted by Trustpigs August 23, 2013

If you've seen the beautifully designed Luke Chueh "Target" figure in-person, then you'd know there's nothing you'd want to change about it. That is, of course, unless you wanted Bashprojects to customize one, since his "Luke is Street Art" piece is every bit as wondrous as the original. How did this masterful piece come about? Bashprojects confides in us that "Luke wanted to know what Street Art was all about. So he asked Bash to take him with him on the street to teach him." But what happened next?

"Street Art isn't something that can be taught! You are the art..."

Bash took Luke to a wall and asked him to stand really quiet and close his eyes so that Bash could explain what he meant with "you are the art".

After standing there with his eyes closed for a hour he received a paintbrush with black ink...

"Now you can finish the outline for me."

Luke opened his eyes and finally understood... he IS the art!

And indeed, he was! This hand-painted 12-inch tall vinyl figure with resin diorama is currently available in Bashproject's online shop for â‚¬300 (approx. $400) HERE.

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