Posted by Nick August 23, 2013

Ok so Ben Affleck is the new Dark Knight - all set to face off against Superman in the forthcoming sequel to the half-decent Man of Steel. Shock horror: The internet is outraged...

I would have been outraged too a few years ago, but Affleck has done alot of growing  up in that time and is definitely old enough to play the older grizzled Batman that has already been teased at San Diego Comic Con last month. The  lines that were read on stage reference Frank Millers classic Batman story The Dark Knight Returns where an aging Bats comes out of retirement to wage once more against the criminal element of his beloved Gotham. 

Along the way he kicks the absolute crap out of Superman - something we'd all like to see - but if this is the direction that Zack Snyder is going for then he's been hunting for an actor who can portray Bruce and Bats as older, grizzled, battle damaged and someone who has been affected by years of nightly enforcing. I hope that we see a much more uncompromising Batman who has reached and passed his peak both physically and tech-wise, but is being undone by his physical incapability to withstand being Batman on a nightly basis - possibly with reinforced armor to hide his shortcomings. 

I think Affleck has proven himself to be capable of portraying all of this - if anything i have more faith in him being Batman than i do as Bruce Wayne - but I am excited to find out! From the shortlist that was leaked a few weeks back I had my hopes set on Jon Hamm - i'm just glad its not goddamn Ryan Gosling. 


Anyway here's a pic of Ben Afflecks jaw surrounded by Batman - with a few modifications


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