Posted by Erica August 21, 2013

RAMPAGE TOYS has just revealed their upcoming sofubit release; THE GACHAPON GOBLINS!!! This is a release of 7 1.5 to 2 inch figures, designed to fit in the RAMPAGE 2 inch Gachapon machine, and featuring characters from a group of creative masterminds including:  Art Junkie, Walter Parenton (IV), Joseph Harmon, and, of course, RAMPGE TOYS!  Sculpting duties were shared by RAMPAGE TOYS, Joseph Harmon and Art Junkie's right-hand-man - with final edits and finishing all done right here at RAMPAGE STUDIOS. 

Pics of the sculpts:

Ugly Unicorn (new bite size micro!) (RAMPAGE TOYS), "My Little Unicorn" (RAMPAGE TOYS), Shitman (Art Junkie)

Slimeface Seijin (Joseph Harmon), Eggplant Bat Boy (Joseph Harmon), Harry and Bobby (Walter Parenton's infamous Bobbybeast characters!)

As you may be able to tell from the image of the wax versions below, these guys are already being molded (a metal mold is being made by the fine sofubi craftsmen)  in Tokyo - to be cast up in some yummy yummy JAPANESE sofubi goodness!  

"This is the first time I've done the wax casting (wax prototype) stage of the manufacturing process (all by me-self!), and I am happy as could be with the results - knowing that it's one more step in the process that I was personally involved with!  YAY!" - RAMPAGE TOYS
What does this all mean?  Well, a couple things:
1) A pre-order for black vinyl (with options for single blind bag, full blank black sets and secret painted versions) will begin this Friday (August 23rd) in the RAMPAGE BigCartel!  Be sure to join the RAMPAGE mailing list for the most up to date info on this!
2)The first Gachapon release is scheduled for Superfestival on September 29th!  This will be followed by another release at New York Comic Con (October 10-13th), which will be handled by Joseph Harmon himself!
3)The future of releases will roll right along, with ALL SORTS of stuff happening this Fall - Shows at RAMPAGE STUDIOS, Design Festa, and more!
For more info on the whole process of sofubi creation, check out this older RAMPAGE blog post from 2011.  
Updates soon!  


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