Posted by Trustpigs September 26, 2013

Not only will Cop A Squat Toys be attending New York Comic Con this year, but they'll be bringing an exclusive version of their smash hit "Semi Korosiya" (セミ 殺し屋, trans. Cicada Killer) figure with them! Sculpted by Chauskoskis and cast in Japanese vinyl (sofubi), this micro edition is limited to 10 copies and is named the "Okaasan" (お母さん, trans. Mother) version, pulled and painted as a tribute to C.A.S.T. founder Adam Saul's mother — who recently passed away — in her favorite color.

But that's not the full story of these $60 apiece gems. Earlier this year, Saul "launched a high altitude balloon to near space, shooting up to 90,000 feet," that included one copy of this exclusive colorway as well as two high definition cameras! You can watch the video of the flight HERE and see still images HERE. Quite the amazing and unique tale.

These stunning pieces will be released on Friday, October 11th, 2013 at 3PM in the Monster Island portion of Clutter Magazine's NYCC Booth #504.


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