Posted by Erica September 16, 2013

Join the Toy Mafia crew as they takeover the Toy Tokyo Underground spot on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 from 7PM until 10PM.

Featuring exclusive Designer Toy releases from Green Plastic Tunnels, Mechavirus, Ministry of Kongz, and Rampage Toys. There will also be a new version of the ultra-popular Toy Mafia t-shirt that will have you glowing from ear to ear. First dibs on all these releases (and more!) are for those that attend the event, where the drinks will be free, the partying will be hard, and the fun will be flowing


Green Plastic Tunnels's "Health Inspector" resin figure has received lots of critical blogger acclaim, but you've never seen him like this. Cast in a biohazardous orange color, each 3-inch tall figure is accompanied by a 2-inch lacky mutant creature. Limited to only 5 sets made, each one costs only $25!


Toy Mafia Presented by Clutter Media Group, the Toy Mafia is an organized international body of designer toy collectors that was originally founded in NYC. Toy Mafia events are often associated with exclusive releases and excessive partying.

Toy Tokyo Underground TT Underground (formerly known as The Showroom NYC), is the event space and gallery created by Lev (Toy Tokyo's Owner/Operator), who wanted to expand the concept of Toy Tokyo being the Ultimate Toy Store Experience. Its roots were forged in a journey that began with The Showroom NYC (in the fall of 2004), a unique venue designed to explore the connection of pop art culture with the world of designer toys. The genre encompasses a wide range of artists who choose to display their works on various mediums including clothing, vinyl toys, canvas, and even film. Popularized in Japan, China, and Hong Kong, the combination of art and the limited edition toy is now main stream in the United States.

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