Posted by marc October 11, 2016

Kidrobot shared a booth with us at NYCC last year, but this year they had their own, spacious area. The brand mainly showcased one of their newest projects, a revival of the 1980s toy line, Madballs. Three series of Madballs are in production. The first is a duo of large vinyl toys, one being a classic Madballs style design and another being the head of the Kidrobot mascot stylized in the vein...

Posted by Miranda October 05, 2016

Premiering at Clutter Magazine's NYCC Booth #603 is Scott Wilkowski & Luke Chueh's Infected Decapitated Bear Head! Luke's signature bear head has been infected by Scott Wilkowski, creating a collaboration that is to die for!

This bone and black colorway comes swimming in a pool of red blood. For just $100 a piece, this Clutter Exclusives won't last long!

Posted by marc October 05, 2016

While I'm partial to the "hard-luck" Hanshin Tigers, these sneakers - a collaboration between the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Vans - are super adorable. A Japanese (but not really anime) style caricature of a Carp team member is depicted on Vans' ubiquitous Splip-On silhouette. I can't remember the last time Vans collaborated with a sports team, but they've recently been going all out with...

Posted by Miranda October 05, 2016

Standing at approximately 2.75" tall, these galactic Uamou are as black as the space horizon, sprinkled with green and white paint splatters. Each figure is one-of-a-kind, with varying eye colors and unique splatter star formations. 

Limited to 10 pieces and priced at just $40 a piece, these will be exclusively available at Clutters NYCC booth #603.

Posted by marc October 05, 2016

Are ya ready kids?! Secret Base's half X-Ray Spongebob is getting a monochromatic makeover with a bright silver epidermis and a dark silver skeleton underneath the transparent half. Spongebob's square pants, socks, and shoes are also configured in greyscale for a fully mono, vintage cartoon inspired take on Nickelodeon's last great creation. And you won't have to jump through hoops to order...

Posted by marc October 05, 2016

It's an undisputed fact that Munchkin cats are the best cats. They're the corgis of the cat world, what with their normal-sized bodies and tiny, stumpy legs. Amuse, purveyors of super cute plushies from Japan, have just unveiled mini Munchkin kitten plushies. With four color variants, they stand 3.5 inches tall and are 4 inches long, and each one comes with a bead chain to add them to your...

Posted by marc October 04, 2016

Barbie, Boglins, Masters of the Universe, Polly Pocket... Unless you were raised by wolves, Mattel had a bit impact on your childhood. As a toy manufacturer and distributor, the company has been sparking the imaginations of kids for 70 years. Fittingly enough, the nostalgia-based Gallery 1988 has just opened up their second annual, officially licensed Power of Mattel exhibition, featuring...

Posted by marc October 04, 2016

Last year, Back to the Future Day came and went without a public release of the Nike Mags. About a year later and we plebs are getting a chance to finally own simulacra of the most iconic movie shoes short of Dorothy's ruby slippers. Here's the catch: You can only get a chance to buy them by entering a lottery with a $10 entry free. But don't groan. All of those entry fees go straight to the...

Posted by marc October 04, 2016

The first multi-artist Dunny series since 2014's Art of War is shaping up. We knew that J*RYU, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Camilla d'Errico, Tokyo Jesus, and Godmachine were participating, but we had to leave the designs up to our imagination. Now we've got something to work with, as the silhouettes of the blindbox figures have been revealed. It goes without saying that the top-right design is an eye-...


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