Posted by Trustpigs November 26, 2013

Klei Entertainment, the developers behind the hit video game Don't Starve, have teamed up with award-winning toy designer Erick Scarecrow to create not only a plush replica of one of the game's most loved characters, Chester, but also a blind boxed Don't Starve vinyl mini figure series! Being financed through a Kickstarter campaign, Chester is 11" tall and 9" wide with his Eye Bone being 8" tall and able to fit inside his mouth for storage! Made of ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur for his body, a soft plush material was used for his feet, tongue, and horns, all affixed using durable embroidered accent stitching. But the highlight, previously revealed at PAX East 2013, is the high quality vinyl collectible figure series! Each of the 12 figures include incredible sculpt and paint details based on the actual game asset files, with their own unique accessory and 1 of 14 random bonus accessories, packaged in a blind box. Available exclusively through Kickstarter at the moment, the campaign is already fully-funded… so you know you're going to get the wonderful pieces you want!


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