Posted by Miranda December 12, 2013

FREE! FREE! FREE??? Yes you did read that correctly - FREE! As we embark on our 10th anniversary year, Clutter has made a very drastic change to the way we circulate the magazine, and that is that we have made it free of charge!!

As a print magazine, in a changing technological world, it's very hard to sustain a business model based on selling print. News is right at your finger tips, and unless you are lover of all things print, then magazines are one of the first things to fall off your consumables list. Not only that, as a small publishing house, print is expensive. It's expensive to print, so therefore expensive for the end user to buy, and ship. We have been racking our brain trying to find a way to keep the print magazine — something that I as a founding member LOVE beyond anything else — going. 

We believe in print, we believe in this industry, and we believe in spreading the word about this culture and educating the next generation of collectors. You may be aware that we recently produced a free special edition of the magazine for NYCC, which was so well received that made us take notice. We realized that if we made the magazine free, we could increase our circulation, reduce the cost of advertising and therefore increase said ads and revenue to cover the cost of producing and distributing the magazine. 

We have partnered with DKE Distribution (who has always been there with us) to keep the circulation going to all of your favorite toy stores, and larger stores such as Kidrobot will also be carrying the free issue. We will continue to work hard to expand the outlets carrying the magazine.

If you don't live near somewhere that will be carry the magazine, you will be able to pick it up from us directly for a small fee of $3 + shipping (flat rate and the cheapest we can get it) to cover the cost of us warehousing and fulfilling orders. We have also reduced the cost of all of our backstock of older mags. So if you are missing an issue, its a good time to pick one up.

We are also working on digital versions of the magazine, so you can read it across all of your favorite devices.

So lets talk about our first free issue: Issue 19. The only difference you will feel in your hands is that the magazine is no longer perfect bound, it's now saddle stitched. Other than that, it's the same size, page count and same great content.

Included in the pages of this issue is the following:

- Erick Scarecrow - Marc DeAndelis sits down with Erick Scarecrow and learns about why resin is his weapon of choice. 
- Gary Ham - King of cute talks to Miranda about his recent second Designer Toy Award win, and the last 10 years of his work in the industry.
- Dust - German Graffiti artist Dust catches up with Erica Patterson and we find out why and how he made the jump to custom toys.
- NagNagNag -  Josh Kimberg sat face-to-face with the elusive Shigeru… this is what happened. 
- Most Wanted, Part 2 - Trust Pigs talks more to the guys behind the Most Wanted Custom blind box series, and finds out about the past, present and future.
- Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - Andy b talks to one of the most successful USA based Kaiju masters in this in-depth interview.

You can pick one up from us here.

As always thanks for your love and support over the last 10 years, and we are looking forward to the next 10 years together.

- Miranda

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