Posted by Trustpigs December 17, 2013

The Disarticulators realize that fans of their phenomenal Oozeball (as well as the Madball of Death) are facing one problem: how do you display the roly-poly magnificent monstrocity? Well, problem solved… introducing the "Oozeclaw" display stand! Designed and sculpted by The Disarticulators‘s Zectron and produced in rubber by Tru:Tek, the two-part design is roughly 2.5″ tall and comes with a craterman-style claw rising from a mound of toxic ooze that perfectly cradles both Oozeball and MoD figures for multi-tiered display. Set to debut at Clutter‘s "(In)Action Figures 2" show in January, this is one early announced entry to the show that will have the fans clammoring for more!

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