Posted by Miranda January 13, 2014

When we first started Clutter (2004), there were not that many events dedicated to the Designer Toy community in the UK. One of the very first I remember going to was the All City Style Trains show. Its was monumental for several reasons, firstly it was the day that we had just signed to get Clutter stocked in Forbidden Planet which was a big deal, but also it was the they were closing the London Forbidden Planet for Tim Burton and Johnny Deep to go shopping!! I of course ran over there to meet them (photo proof). Anyway I digress, Bigshot Toyworks took this concept and totally ran with it. Using the platform to create and show exhibitions all over the world, playing host to the top artists in the Street art world.

image37w9_acswall.jpg, by Miranda
image37w9_acsaushow_1.jpg, by Miranda

10 years later we are very happy to hear that All City Style trains are back in production! Due to start shipping in late February, they will retail for $40 per train. We can't wait to see what Klim and The Bigshot Toyworks guys have planned.

image37w9_acstrain_1.jpg, by Miranda

You can order now from:

USA: Toy Tokyo
European customers :


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